Friday, June 26, 2009

Shock to have to say RIP to the King

As it's been repored, Michael Jackson Died yesterday June 25th 2009.

The man always made me smile and made me shiver and groove because of his supernatural dance mooves and beautiful peacemaking with cultures. Not only the King of pop but the King of restless magesticness. It was such a shocker to me when I heard the headlines; I couldnt gulp it down and accpet it at first, but then I took it all in and figured the lovely man needed his rest. My mom and I got out the candles and lit them for him, and then we rejoiced his life on earth with a flow of youtube videos and interviews of him. The news said he was preparing to do a comeback tour in the UK, but as one of the callers said in a talk segment later on, Michael Jackson never needed to come back, he was always there wether there were mischevious rumors or not, but anytime his music is played people react wonderfully. Thank god he left a legacy of magical music for us, and such lovely examples of starting to create a better world. The last thing my mom and I did last night was we sat down around my piano and sang and played the Earth Song in tribute to him, least we could do really. I hope the world can pick up where our huge-hearted King of pop left off, and ofcourse, never let him die. Every time I shake my hips to his music I'm gonna remember and live the amazing man.

RIP m'friend, and may my candles dance with you as you drift off to rest.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nature artistry

God musta been having a heck of a groovy time when he was making fruit and vegetables and flowers and all that such. I bet the man experiments with psychadelic art him self! Creating all the world's natural beauty musta been a blast.

I photographed a bit of some local groovy nature to share my point

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First first

I've always enjoyed looking at the blogs of other citizens of the world and encountering their random thoughts. Just yesterday my mother started a blog of her own thanks to the help of her lovely friend, thus I thought it was time for me to get one too.

I've never approached blogging this close so it's all very experimantal, though I think it'll be a joy ride everytime I get to freely type down what I'm thinking of.

I have quite a spontanious mind and I love fishing things right out of the blue (wherever that is), so it will be really interesting to see just what crazy random things I blog about. I also hope to include in here my hippie values and flower power-ness, as well as a bunch of enigmatic pictures I spend well wasted time looking for on google, maybe I'll throw on a bit of my art too.

Right now I'm anticipating a great exploration on this new journey of blogging; I can't wait to see what kind of comments if I ever get any; this might be majestic :D.