Friday, July 23, 2010


Oh dear just realized I have eight followers! I know it's only a small number.. but it makes me so very very happy. You have no idea! Eight people give a dam about wee little musings I have to write about. So thanks very much to all eight of you haha :) Thank you kindly. I dig your blogs as well :)

Peace and love!

- Ginela ♥

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tis a little Tattoo Design!

I decided I would like to share my first exposure of my drawing side. Here's a tattoo design I'm working on, my dear friend Elsie wants to get it. And I've drawn it for her! Tis a mix of some fancy handwriting fonts, and its my first time drawing anything caligraphy-like. So its been fun. Very fun actually! Gonna do this more often!

So here I share with you some of the to rough work of how it came to be:

And there you have it !
Ciao :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday 17.

Oh dear, I've turned 17 today! Hope no one expects maturity from me! : P T'was a lovely day however. A lovely quiet birthday all relaxed and jolly with my mom and brother and some pastries. My mom has bought me many flowers of multiple colors, so I'm oh so glad :)

 I'm happy to be a cancerian.
I'm quite a crab sometimes, a very imaginative one.

Thank God for another year of life! Because it's beautiful. And for all his presents he gives to me in smiles and joy. And the painful bits of life to learn, heal, and store in your memory, stacked with experience. And the luxury of laughter.

Thanks God for my beautiful family and their vast amounts of love they replentish for me every day. Thanks for my mother, I love her so very much more than life. Its because of her that I've learned what peace is.

Love is here to stay and for all to take and vibrate in vibes of joy back and forth.