Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pretty Redhead

I've always admired redheads, in fact, I bet I've secretly wanted to be one before. That just simply wouldn't work on me though, red hair would likely look quite silly with my skin tone, too hispanic to look like a legitimate ginger, though I could certainly make my hair a little red someday if I feel like going for it. Anyhow, I find redheads to be natural beauties; often with the palest fairest skin and all creepy blue-eyed, they can scare you and entice you. This is a picture of a woman with red hair taken by William Eggleston, a wonderful photographer who I think can capture light and color in mysterius, pretty ways. I dig his last name lots too. He took this woman's picture without knowing her, spontaniously, he just took her picture and kept walking; I'm in love with it, I have been for a while now, it's delicate and gorgeus and it makes you ponder what this lady's face looks like behind the avalanche of shiny hair. I wonder if she's about to buy some icecream, or perhaps something like a mexican churro since the picture was taken in the Gulf of Mexico. I oughta watch out for Mr. Eggleston and follow around his work, maybe get blown away s'more.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Luckily Falling

Hello, I'm basically quite jolly right now. Love's just around the corner and this boy and I are drawn to eachother. My great merriment has caused me to go searching for some lovely pictures of soulmates in the abundance of google, and thus I have found these cheerul images to fit my mood. Cheers to you all, I hope you're feeling groovy.