Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fro Fairy

Hello dears. Lately, I've been doing school. Pretty lovely and relaxing, xcept for choir practices at 7 am *_*.
Anyhow, I do believe I mentioned I was taking Photography. I just wanted to share some pictures my classmate April and I took with majestic wigs. I borrowed a fro wig from our teacher, and April wore my green wig. And off we set for the school's outskirts! T'was some spontaneous fun. I put on my fairy wings, and became a fro fairy. Enjoy : )

Friday, September 17, 2010

Peel Your Eyes

Don't escape the dour times,
Honey, let them come
Easy to say, with my fear, with my luck.
Ying-yang to condence me
Rules meant to be smashed
Come condemn me, for knowing too much
Temptation can't exist without obedience,
Just like obedience can't exist without temptation
Honey, test and try
Ignorence can't save you
What is humanity but a regergitation of theories?
There's a higher place purified with only with good
Too wise to show its face
To us lesser minds of pride
With instinct of greed, with instinct to survive.
Eminent savant come teach us these secrets of the mind
Not these limits, not these crimes
I know you won't, you can't,
You weren't taught to ponder
For those who dial the clockwork of this world
Don't want you to wonder.
So darling, don't escape the dour times
You're already here, already in it, already spun.
Yet, you must never seize any hopes,
Nomatter the shock of the tide.
Honey do keep your eyes peeled.
Believe in Utopia, your dreams are alive.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Name Sign for Clover : )

Hello everybody. Summer has cometh to an end. And as it usually is, the last days of it have been way funner than the rest of my summer's beginning and middle, I think I just happen to save the best for last haha. So have your summers been? Wonderful and sunny and full of joy I hope.

Anyhow, quite a while ago dear Missa asked that I make her a name sign for her daughter named Clover. She's the sweetest most whimsical little daughter ever. So here it is you guys! Missa and Clover if you are reading this I hope you can dig the decorations round the name. I posted the original drawing as the first one, and the rest are variations I made of it on "Paint " haha.
Hope you enjoy :)

Much love,



tis all :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer so Far

Hello dear loves. I've not posted anything in a very very long time. I never post that often anyways, regardless, I should at least come on to wish y'all a great summer every now and then.

My summer's been quite quiet. Havn't done too much. I did however manage to get a job, then lost it.
Tee hee. At the beginning of July I started working at Starbucks Coffee. T'was fun, but oh dear, I wasn't made for making those drinks. They have wonderful tasting drinks, but that was the problem, there were just too many! As much as I tried I couldn't memorize the amounts of syrup pumps or order of things. And I was so very horrible at cashier. I was however proficient at busing tables. Haha. Anyhow.. my manager had to let me go because I was too slow, and it is a terribly busy location. So I hung up that green apron for the last time, and said goodbye to all the fellow baristas I made friends with there in that brief month or so. It was fun though, at least I discovered I'm not 100% adaptable like I think I am and that I can't excell in that kind of environment.
Up untill now I've just relaxed. Needa find me another part time job, it would be nice. I've got my eyes on this guitar I need desperately. Gotta save up some dough. All I've done up to now is sing to my house plants and read books and hang out with my friends occasionally. Not such a hot summer eh? Well its okay, I'm relaxing. I'll think I'll visit Good Will or Vallue Village soon, I miss staring at beautiful clothes made with love and then buying them. Tee hee.

How's your summers been everyone?

Just a wee side topic here. My two buddies asked me to draw their names all creative-ly. So I did and here are the finished products. Thought I'd share them. :]

Ciao! Peace and love!! And happiness!



If anyone would like me to make them one with their name, I'd be glad to : )
Just let me know, and I shall ♥

Friday, July 23, 2010


Oh dear just realized I have eight followers! I know it's only a small number.. but it makes me so very very happy. You have no idea! Eight people give a dam about wee little musings I have to write about. So thanks very much to all eight of you haha :) Thank you kindly. I dig your blogs as well :)

Peace and love!

- Ginela ♥

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tis a little Tattoo Design!

I decided I would like to share my first exposure of my drawing side. Here's a tattoo design I'm working on, my dear friend Elsie wants to get it. And I've drawn it for her! Tis a mix of some fancy handwriting fonts, and its my first time drawing anything caligraphy-like. So its been fun. Very fun actually! Gonna do this more often!

So here I share with you some of the to rough work of how it came to be:

And there you have it !
Ciao :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday 17.

Oh dear, I've turned 17 today! Hope no one expects maturity from me! : P T'was a lovely day however. A lovely quiet birthday all relaxed and jolly with my mom and brother and some pastries. My mom has bought me many flowers of multiple colors, so I'm oh so glad :)

 I'm happy to be a cancerian.
I'm quite a crab sometimes, a very imaginative one.

Thank God for another year of life! Because it's beautiful. And for all his presents he gives to me in smiles and joy. And the painful bits of life to learn, heal, and store in your memory, stacked with experience. And the luxury of laughter.

Thanks God for my beautiful family and their vast amounts of love they replentish for me every day. Thanks for my mother, I love her so very much more than life. Its because of her that I've learned what peace is.

Love is here to stay and for all to take and vibrate in vibes of joy back and forth.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quilt (a lil poem/song I'm working on)

I came up with this little song poem last night while I was supposed to be studying for my Environmental Science exam. Song ideas always get in the way of what I`m supposed to be doing, but I gladly welcome my ideas and halt everything I`m doing to write them down. Ya never wanna loose a song idea, especially a good one. One must be grateful for them, because the idea could just fly off and migrate to another songwriter`s head if it`s not welcomed to one`s heart and thought. I have no idea where my song thoughts come from, out of the abyss of my mind I guess, and yet when I process them, they make total sense and relevance to my life. But then again, no wonder haha, its my own mind.

 Like this one, after I wrote it down I thought gee, this is just  like my brother`s current situation (He is 19). Couldn't make up his mind about what he wanted to do in university or college, mainly because he just loved to party and spent no time giving his post secondary life any planning. Now he`s lost and doesn`t know what to do, going from job to job, a little frightened about his future. Sometimes my mom and I get madly ticked at him, because he`s not doing anything decent towards his future. But making this song I think I`ll cut him some slack and consider the fact that we can all get strayed in the path towards our future if we have no dream strong enough to devote our will to.

No matter how troublesome and indecisive a person is you can`t loose hope on them, they just need to find their personal calling. Not all will find it right off. And so it is with people like my brother, he has yet to dig up what fills his soul with sunshine the most, and until he does he will search and mess up. He just needs encouragement and love, though we give him lots I think, he just doesn't absorb it very well. Sure do needa work on my hope towards him though. Gonna do that hopefully, through this song.
Here it is:

``Troublesome Bouquet``

Oh that weak-willed darling
Keeps on changing, his mind
But I believe he`s on to something
Don`t you doubt it, he`ll find

The root and centre and the core of it all
What makes his heart, shriek with joy
Until he finds it he`ll stray s`more
Getting there`s the trouble, but don`t lose your hope

Trickle and trickle
Till the bucket is full
Sun shows its face
After the storm

Don`t forget that you`re a part of this Earth
If nature lives on hope, make sure
You don`t forget yours

Moon has its phases
Till it becomes whole
No heart is born
Knowing it all

Dream he`ll find the joy
That glues his life into love

Send good vibes down his road
Don`t block it, with negative outlooks

Dream your boy will complete
Not your dream, but is very own calling
Keep in mind his very heart`s yearning
To settle its restlessness

Tuck your thinking away
Bloom with hope for him

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday my mom bought me some hot pink carnation flowers just for kicks. I was so happy to recieve them and I gave her just about five hugs and kisses. I love my mom, she never fails to surprise me, and in a way I'm not surprised she surprises me haha. Anyhow I loved the flowers lots. We have them in separate little bouquets around the house cheer up everything with flowery joy! So I decied to take some rather crappy webcam pics (because my camera is broken) with a little bunch of carnations to show you their love.
I bid you a beautiful day, and maybe some flowers to you on their way!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

School is Almost Out : ]

School is about to end. I've got three more days left and two exams to write, tis my french and envrionmental science exams. Am I ready for them? Certainly not, but I've got the weekend to study, haha. Oh dear this school year has been so long, I am so very ready for it to come to a hault. I can't tell you how many all nighters I've had to pull this year because of the countless projects and assignments. Grade 11 has been the year of all nighters! Come the summer vacation  I'll ketch up on so much sleep; if I got the chance, I would sleep like sleeping beauty for years to make up for my lack of slumber! I am so very happy. YAAY!
So glad the end is near.


 And I can't wait for next year! My goodness I've got the most wonderful semesters next year, however one of my very clever friends would call it a "stoner semester" because I'll be taking the easiest cources. But I figured, heck...why not? Why take cources like grade 12 Functions, or Physics? I sure do respect all people who have the brains for those, but you wouldn't be ketching me taking those courses. Besides they're not a requirement for the college and university programs I'll be doing in the future. I decided I'm going to relax for grade 12 because its my last year. Thus I am taking two Music, one English, French, and two Photography cources. In total that makes 6; my seventh course counts as a repertoire jazz ensemble which I'll be singing in next year. I am so very excited!

I've also got some goals for the summer. I decided to write them down here so that I can look at them regularly and remember and accomplish all these things that would make my life wonderful.

Here they are:
  1. Get a job.
  2. Learn to drive and start geting my driver's licence.
  3. Maybe save up to buy an old 60's volkswagen van!!
  4. Grow my plants successfully with love.
  5. Save up and buy a new Nikon DSLR camera. (My feeble little Kodak camera broke)
  6. Buy myself a decent electric accoustic guitar and amp which I am very much in need of for gig purposes.
  7. Spend more time with my grandma and sew some dresses together.
  8. Loose some weight!
  9. Play many lovely gigs with my band.
  10. Go to as many concerts as I can!

♥ And so it shall be! Hopefully! God willing it'll be a wonderful summer. ♥
Have you any goals yerself? : ]

Friday, June 4, 2010

Brilliant Collaboration

I just had an idea...a rather brilliant idea. Wouldn't it be so incredible if the awesome, whimsical director Tim Burton got together with Joanna Newsom and did something together? I think they could make something epic if they collaborated on a project. Gonna dream about that now. :P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chippery Sunshine!

It's been such a wonderful sunny day today! T'was just so jolly. Today at lunch my friend Steffany and I sat on the grass of a gentle hill at my school accompanied by some other buddies. Steff and I brought our guitars along and got them out and played a stream of songs from The Beatles. I sang our specialty "Yer Blues", it's a bluesy angst song but it was still all groovy and sassy because the sun put us in such a good mood. Our friends sang along to whatever Beatles song they knew; they were in a frenzy of lagh attacks and joy. I just thought, sweet! Look what a little chippery sunshine can do!

Incase I hadn't shown you all a picture of my guitar here it is. Tis a very old picture from earlier on in the year, but it shows her, her name is Lilly.


Ah I'm so very glad it's Spring. All the trees are festive with blooms, man I can't wait till everything becomes green! I'd love to go frolicking in a field of flowers somewheres quite soon, that is if I'm lucky to find any local ones!
I wish I could take some pictures of the bloomability all around but my feeble little camera is currently broken. There's this lovely foxy tree outside my room window I'd really like to capture, it looks so pretty when it's just little green buds.

Anyhow.. I wish bid you all a most charming spring, and some very chippery sunny days full of love and laughter. Throw some music in there too : P
Much peace and love! 

- Ginela ♥



Friday, April 9, 2010

My Dwelling

Hey everyone, I thought I'd introduce you to my room just for fun because it's my favorite dwelling. It's really such a great part of me which is weird to me. I come from a Cuban family, and so it's weird for me to shut my self in my room; I'm always downstairs with my mom and brother talking and sharing love and music. We have no locks on our room doors, they're literaly thought of as "dormitories" to us since all we do in them is sleep. But I find nowadays I spend more time in it reading or something. I guess I'm isolating myself a little bit up there.

The little hours I spend in my room are long and wonderful. Some days I lie down on my bed and put on some Pink Floyd on my tiny CD player; it's one of the most delightful things listening to Pink Floyd, it's a most trippy, solemn experience in dimness. I look up and my celing is covered with posters of John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles (Abbey Road), and Zeppelin. I also sit on my bed and play my guitar Lily and write or play some songs with her. I sit and write, read, remenisce over past love, happiness, and betrayal, dream, think about fairies, and think of spotanious scenerios. I give merit to my soul there. I aughta say it's a trippy room to my taste, and it sometimes transforms into comforting chaos when clothes are all over the place. Tee hee.

Anyhow..yeah, quite a pointless post, I just thought I'd pay some tribute to my dwelling.
The weekend soon comes! Hope you have a great one.