Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chippery Sunshine!

It's been such a wonderful sunny day today! T'was just so jolly. Today at lunch my friend Steffany and I sat on the grass of a gentle hill at my school accompanied by some other buddies. Steff and I brought our guitars along and got them out and played a stream of songs from The Beatles. I sang our specialty "Yer Blues", it's a bluesy angst song but it was still all groovy and sassy because the sun put us in such a good mood. Our friends sang along to whatever Beatles song they knew; they were in a frenzy of lagh attacks and joy. I just thought, sweet! Look what a little chippery sunshine can do!

Incase I hadn't shown you all a picture of my guitar here it is. Tis a very old picture from earlier on in the year, but it shows her, her name is Lilly.


Ah I'm so very glad it's Spring. All the trees are festive with blooms, man I can't wait till everything becomes green! I'd love to go frolicking in a field of flowers somewheres quite soon, that is if I'm lucky to find any local ones!
I wish I could take some pictures of the bloomability all around but my feeble little camera is currently broken. There's this lovely foxy tree outside my room window I'd really like to capture, it looks so pretty when it's just little green buds.

Anyhow.. I wish bid you all a most charming spring, and some very chippery sunny days full of love and laughter. Throw some music in there too : P
Much peace and love! 

- Ginela ♥



Friday, April 9, 2010

My Dwelling

Hey everyone, I thought I'd introduce you to my room just for fun because it's my favorite dwelling. It's really such a great part of me which is weird to me. I come from a Cuban family, and so it's weird for me to shut my self in my room; I'm always downstairs with my mom and brother talking and sharing love and music. We have no locks on our room doors, they're literaly thought of as "dormitories" to us since all we do in them is sleep. But I find nowadays I spend more time in it reading or something. I guess I'm isolating myself a little bit up there.

The little hours I spend in my room are long and wonderful. Some days I lie down on my bed and put on some Pink Floyd on my tiny CD player; it's one of the most delightful things listening to Pink Floyd, it's a most trippy, solemn experience in dimness. I look up and my celing is covered with posters of John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles (Abbey Road), and Zeppelin. I also sit on my bed and play my guitar Lily and write or play some songs with her. I sit and write, read, remenisce over past love, happiness, and betrayal, dream, think about fairies, and think of spotanious scenerios. I give merit to my soul there. I aughta say it's a trippy room to my taste, and it sometimes transforms into comforting chaos when clothes are all over the place. Tee hee.

Anyhow..yeah, quite a pointless post, I just thought I'd pay some tribute to my dwelling.
The weekend soon comes! Hope you have a great one.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Isn't this a lovely day to be caught in the rain?

Man oh man this week is getting wet, tis a feast of showers for all nature! We've been getting some rain that doesn't belong in this time in April, sais my science teacher. We even got some spontaneous thunder in the morning today! But the rain doesn't seem misplaced to me, I recall hearing "April rain" in a song somewhere so it all seems very familiar. Tis alright, the greyness is a contrast to me, it makes me appreciate the sunshine when it comes.

All this misty wet weather puts me in two different moods. When I look out the window and everything outside looks refreshed but cheerless I feel a little nostalgic. When I'm inside after the rain I begin to reminisce over color and brightness and sun rays. I shouldn't be frowning though! I should be happy that the flowers and trees get their very own splash pad! I bet they long for rain after a while.

The other mood the rain puts me in is adventurous! I know such a difference from nostalgic ain't it? Well yep, I feel adventurous. Especially when the rain is all gone and you've got all these majestic puddles of wonder all about, every time I see one I feel I must disturb its stillness and jump in it! My biggest fear though is all the worms that come out, they creep me out. It's a shame really because worms help the soil so all the pretty grass and flowers can grow beautifully.

I guess what I'm gonna get out of this post is that I'm going to celebrate the rain and do a lot of window gazing and going outside. Seems it's going to be quite wet this week so I guess I'll enjoy it while it's here. Cheers to rain!
I hope you all have a lovely week!

These two here are pictures of my somber kitchen in these rainy days.