Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Shrivelled Prune

This is how my friend would have felt this Tuesday morning if God hadn't made her positive. She would'a been a shrivelled prune like this one! Sad and given up. I'm so glad God created hope and happiness and forgiving and waiting, and grand prizes of joy to combat the feeling of the soul's drought. I hope no one has to feel all shrivelled up like a prune like this, hope no one's feeling under the weather. If anyone is then I pray they look for the silver lining and try to smile at the sun if their sky is displaying any. If you can look at things positively and hope for goodness in events that may seem bummer then everything shall turn out allright. Much peace and love to all!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Fig Tree

Two days ago my boyfriend and I were talking trees, and for me (a lover of trees) the whole deal was a huge turn-on to tell you the truth. Ah kissing under a tree would be devine! *Stares off into a day dream* Anyhow...the great thing about our lovely tree talking was that I learned about some trees I'd never heard enough of before.

We spoke of the Baobab tree, this grotesque tree found in the African continent. It blew my mind gloriously especially in this picture; how can a tree grow to such huge proportions in the blistering African heat? Ah it's gotta be the sun, I'll bet the sun and it's grandioseness had high expectations on this tree, and well it must have mentored it to huge success with the many sun rays in the open African Savannah.

My boyfriend also spoke to me about a very very elderly tree called the Sequoia tree, which I'm sure most people have heard lots about, I'm however shamed I never knew of them before :P. These Sequoias grow in California near the Sierra Nevada Mountains, they age 3000 years! They're just about the most giant most beautiful and ancient thing; my boyfriend particularly likes their admirable red color, I think it's stunning too. Such epic trees, they're like the old still ancient dragons of the forest, wise for the thousands of springs and winters they've seen. I bet they gots lovely fairies all around them parading and what not.

Lastly, we spoke of the Fig Tree, which I think was my favourite of the day and of the intensified conversation. I'd stored up a little knowledge of the fig fruit before but I'd never looked at a picture of it's tree. And so I looked at this picture and dropped my jaw, I might have drooled!

What a foxy tree my my! I'd love to see a real one for my self one day even though these pictures are satisfying. But oh man to climb one would be a dream! And so would kissing under one, or right up on one for that matter, ohh t'would be great! I'm in love with the tree's trippy branches and it's darker shade, it's mysterious, enticing, and artful all in one. Better yet it's even fruitful, the fig as a fruit is very trippy as well.

During my admiring I got up and dug up a little article on the importance and goodness of the fig; I'll list some facts that blew my mind bout it:

  • people have been eating figs since 5000 BC!
  • they were eaten by Greek and Roman athletes to better their performance
  • figs provide the same amount of calcium as milk
  • the fig tree is the symbol of fertility, abundance and sweetness!
  • figs were actually the fruit in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, not apples!

And I leave you with my favourite fig fact:

  • Figs are actually an inverted flower!!!! !! :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pretty Redhead

I've always admired redheads, in fact, I bet I've secretly wanted to be one before. That just simply wouldn't work on me though, red hair would likely look quite silly with my skin tone, too hispanic to look like a legitimate ginger, though I could certainly make my hair a little red someday if I feel like going for it. Anyhow, I find redheads to be natural beauties; often with the palest fairest skin and all creepy blue-eyed, they can scare you and entice you. This is a picture of a woman with red hair taken by William Eggleston, a wonderful photographer who I think can capture light and color in mysterius, pretty ways. I dig his last name lots too. He took this woman's picture without knowing her, spontaniously, he just took her picture and kept walking; I'm in love with it, I have been for a while now, it's delicate and gorgeus and it makes you ponder what this lady's face looks like behind the avalanche of shiny hair. I wonder if she's about to buy some icecream, or perhaps something like a mexican churro since the picture was taken in the Gulf of Mexico. I oughta watch out for Mr. Eggleston and follow around his work, maybe get blown away s'more.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Luckily Falling

Hello, I'm basically quite jolly right now. Love's just around the corner and this boy and I are drawn to eachother. My great merriment has caused me to go searching for some lovely pictures of soulmates in the abundance of google, and thus I have found these cheerul images to fit my mood. Cheers to you all, I hope you're feeling groovy.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Visisting Stratford Ontario

Yesterday I went on a field trip with my Music Theatre class to Stratford Ontario to watch the musical West Side Story! Stratford is a town here in Canada named just like the England one where Shakespeare lived. The town was very pretty- especially with the fall season splurging it's colors everywhere, though, it was quite isolated; I saw no Walmarts or large shopping centres, but that was kinda nice because it seemed like the whole place was a very vintage town. And coincidentally enough there were lovely vintage houses all over the place just like my last post! I got a large dosage of beautiful house gazing, my buddies were quite annoyed with me for taking pictures at almost every home we passed. I was doing too much stopping and gasping, thus delaying my group. Eventually they got fed up with my extreme jolliness towards homes and left me to walk ahead towards the theatre, I caught up with them later. I had my self a wonderful time the whole day, and the musical couldn't have been better. Sad to say, I wasn't able to capture any pictures of the attractive cast in the show since cameras weren't allowed. It would have been awfully great to get some warm shots of the lovers in the production Tony and Maria (a.k.a Romeo and Juliet) during one of their passionate kisses since their chemistry together was perfectly sweetened. But fortunately, not all beauty can be captured in cameras, but in vibrant memory.
Here are some pictures:

Ya know I really like Shakespeare's eyes if they really were like that, quite groovy and round, a good looking man I think.

The theatre was quite interesting on the outside! Many seniors attended the show; West Side Story must be a favourite among them.

My friend was able to capture my whimsical red earing, I'm glad she did because I don't wear that pair too often.

Much of the down-town area looked like this, the day was quite gray but the buildings made ya feel warm and invited.

Seeing no grotesque tall buildings was quite nice, all the buildings were aged and looked all cozy.

I kept on walking by buildings with side walls like these alot, there was tons glorious native art like this on many walls. This one ravished my sight for a good chunk of seconds before my friends had to hasten me to get a move on along the town.

We also spend a good chunk of time in this melancholic alley making use of it's space with some pictures.

We thought a picture of our backs would be quite epic, walking off into the valley of wonders, and so I held my friends' waists and we walked off. Though we never got to reaching the depth of the alley haha.

And then later we just wanted to feel bad-ass, besides, we had an alley all to ourselves! And thus we posed Charlie's Angels-style.

I hid behind a fanciful messy plant for fun.

My face had some really volcanic pimples the whole while.

And now for some homes!

I bet these homes all have incredible attics!

And I leave you with my favourite house in the whole town of all the ones that I saw.
Just like there are lovely tree huggers there are lovely leaves that hug houses. I bet this house feels very joyfully embraced and loved. I thank God for making such enjoyable beauty, he must of been having a ball creating it all.

I had such a good time yesterday, It's gonna make the rest of my month.

Cheers! Hope your fall is lovely!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Old Homes

I long for the day when I'll be able to enter a pretty little vintage home with a history and stay in it for the aging days of my life. I'm not very fond of this day's architecture or new homes' exteriors; now-adays the brand new homes being made look sad and un-fanciful. The homes made during the 1800's were incredibly beautiful outside with pretty little curvy borders and colour, and very pretty boards. I wish they made houses now-adays with as much wonderful details. Thankfully there are places here in Toronto and Kitchener and Oakville where I can stare and daydream at these beautiful dwellings, the people who live in them are mostly elderly people. But to one day have one of my own would cost a fortune because the homes' age value. I'm still gonna strive to have a life someday just so I can buy one for myself. For now I'll just have to enjoy my time collecting pictures of these beauties. I daydream of having my afternoon tea in the front porch and prancing up and down the large stair cases, and of course exploring the spooky attic a home like this might have. Such excitement I hope lasts as long as I grow, and I sure hope old houses are still around when I'm full grown and can make my own dolla billz.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Walk with my Ma to the Library Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon, after coming home from school my mom and I took a walk to the Public Library - one of my most favourite places. On our way there I got to contemplate a few local trees that are starting to brighten themselves up with attractive colors, though alot of them aren't completely covered in foxyness, some have just started to yellow. But oh boy, the colors that have flourished are calling to me, atumn collors just ravish my

Thanks to the winds I found a leaf in my path that brought me instant joy. It reminded me of the colors of fire, and I pondered if somehow the leaves produce some warmth for themselves against the coldness with their splendiferous warm colors. Perhaps they do? Perhaps their colors are their furnace.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Napoleon Dynamite

I'm one of those people who has seen a ton of weird movies hardly anyone knows, but I'm usually the last to see movies that everyone's seen. So this week, I got down to watch a film very memorable to most people - Napoleon Dynamite. I remember seeing a girl with a "Vote for Pedro" shirt one time in elementary school and I always wondered what the meaning behind it was, haha. After having seen the movie I pondered and pondered why I'd never picked it up before, it's just about the most magestic thing. The movie has some pretty fantastic filmography and it takes off in a slow kind of pace relative to life. It also manages to make weird hillarius, using no nudity or swearing (which is usually hard to do), and it's just wonderful for it. Napoleon had my heart right from the start of the movie to the end, how lovely is he for joining the 'happy hands club'! The uncanny characters are just perfect and the spontanius concepts like the grandma's lama and the ligers couldn't be anymore epic. I am most definately determined to find a liger now! I feel so stupid for not having seen this movie earlier; if you're not aware of memorable films like me and you've never seen this movie, then you've got to do yourself the honors of seeing it sometime, but I doubt there's anyone who hasn't.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is coming!

Throughout this past summer I was able to look out my window and see abundantly green forest trees. Tis is my window:

The autumn will cause some exciting color out my window quite soon! I can't wait. But it saddens me to think about how quickly fall passes by and how it's not able to extend it's turn in the cylce of seasons, at least I see that's the tendancy here in Canada. Pretty soon the lovely colorful leaves will dive onto the ground or get dragged affar by the wind, and the trees will be left naked and vulnerable to a splurging impatient winter. To think the trees can loose that many leaves...

Anyhow, you've got to make the best of what you've got, and while I'm awaiting fall I'm just gonna keep on looking forward to it; and once it's fully arrived, I'm going to embrace it at all times. So cheers to it! I hope your fall turns out lovely and cheerful! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Black Coffee

I go to a highschool of the arts where I major in the vocal music program, and tomorrow I have to sing a song that showcases my voice for the whole class. I chose to sing a very jazzy bluesy song called Black Coffee, Ella Fitzgerald does a lovely version of it. A little while after I was practicing I typed "black coffee" into google images and I found this amusing picture of a vintage housewife-looking girl drinking her coffee and getting all bright and capooey on the face. I quite like it. Saddly the song is a little more depressing than the picture haha.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cottage Mushrooms!

This past week I was at a cottage with my fam in a most magical place called Parry Sound. The cottage was facing the lake and tons of greenery and strange vegetation that grows over rocks! I was excited to go the whole time because I went there certain that I would find some fairies among all the nature! Saddly, I didn't encounter any fairies in my steps, or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough, but I was fourtunate enough to run into some mushrooms that made me very satisfyed at their sight. I love happy mushrooms! Here are the ones I was able to take pictures of :)