Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer so Far

Hello dear loves. I've not posted anything in a very very long time. I never post that often anyways, regardless, I should at least come on to wish y'all a great summer every now and then.

My summer's been quite quiet. Havn't done too much. I did however manage to get a job, then lost it.
Tee hee. At the beginning of July I started working at Starbucks Coffee. T'was fun, but oh dear, I wasn't made for making those drinks. They have wonderful tasting drinks, but that was the problem, there were just too many! As much as I tried I couldn't memorize the amounts of syrup pumps or order of things. And I was so very horrible at cashier. I was however proficient at busing tables. Haha. Anyhow.. my manager had to let me go because I was too slow, and it is a terribly busy location. So I hung up that green apron for the last time, and said goodbye to all the fellow baristas I made friends with there in that brief month or so. It was fun though, at least I discovered I'm not 100% adaptable like I think I am and that I can't excell in that kind of environment.
Up untill now I've just relaxed. Needa find me another part time job, it would be nice. I've got my eyes on this guitar I need desperately. Gotta save up some dough. All I've done up to now is sing to my house plants and read books and hang out with my friends occasionally. Not such a hot summer eh? Well its okay, I'm relaxing. I'll think I'll visit Good Will or Vallue Village soon, I miss staring at beautiful clothes made with love and then buying them. Tee hee.

How's your summers been everyone?

Just a wee side topic here. My two buddies asked me to draw their names all creative-ly. So I did and here are the finished products. Thought I'd share them. :]

Ciao! Peace and love!! And happiness!



If anyone would like me to make them one with their name, I'd be glad to : )
Just let me know, and I shall ♥