Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Fig Tree

Two days ago my boyfriend and I were talking trees, and for me (a lover of trees) the whole deal was a huge turn-on to tell you the truth. Ah kissing under a tree would be devine! *Stares off into a day dream* Anyhow...the great thing about our lovely tree talking was that I learned about some trees I'd never heard enough of before.

We spoke of the Baobab tree, this grotesque tree found in the African continent. It blew my mind gloriously especially in this picture; how can a tree grow to such huge proportions in the blistering African heat? Ah it's gotta be the sun, I'll bet the sun and it's grandioseness had high expectations on this tree, and well it must have mentored it to huge success with the many sun rays in the open African Savannah.

My boyfriend also spoke to me about a very very elderly tree called the Sequoia tree, which I'm sure most people have heard lots about, I'm however shamed I never knew of them before :P. These Sequoias grow in California near the Sierra Nevada Mountains, they age 3000 years! They're just about the most giant most beautiful and ancient thing; my boyfriend particularly likes their admirable red color, I think it's stunning too. Such epic trees, they're like the old still ancient dragons of the forest, wise for the thousands of springs and winters they've seen. I bet they gots lovely fairies all around them parading and what not.

Lastly, we spoke of the Fig Tree, which I think was my favourite of the day and of the intensified conversation. I'd stored up a little knowledge of the fig fruit before but I'd never looked at a picture of it's tree. And so I looked at this picture and dropped my jaw, I might have drooled!

What a foxy tree my my! I'd love to see a real one for my self one day even though these pictures are satisfying. But oh man to climb one would be a dream! And so would kissing under one, or right up on one for that matter, ohh t'would be great! I'm in love with the tree's trippy branches and it's darker shade, it's mysterious, enticing, and artful all in one. Better yet it's even fruitful, the fig as a fruit is very trippy as well.

During my admiring I got up and dug up a little article on the importance and goodness of the fig; I'll list some facts that blew my mind bout it:

  • people have been eating figs since 5000 BC!
  • they were eaten by Greek and Roman athletes to better their performance
  • figs provide the same amount of calcium as milk
  • the fig tree is the symbol of fertility, abundance and sweetness!
  • figs were actually the fruit in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, not apples!

And I leave you with my favourite fig fact:

  • Figs are actually an inverted flower!!!! !! :D


•Karis Brown• said...

Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I really do enjoy our family time. We have family time just about every night when we read the bible together. I think praising the Lord for all He does for us makes us even closer to each other.
I was stunned by every tree!
I guess that just shows how little I know about them. I do love trees too tho! I would definitely say the fig tree was my favorite as well! I want one in my back yard so I can sit under it and read! My grandparents have a fig tree, but it was just blown away in comparison to this one! Really though it's just a bush shaped tree. Although it does produce the beautiful inverted flower just like this huge beauty. You've made me want to eat a fig!


Jules said...

WOW! this tree is unreal! absolutely beautiful!

jennyanydots said...

wonderful! your post has made me feel excited about trees too, huge towering ones and fat ones with gnarly wayward roots!

Missa said...

Wonderful post topic! The baobabs are so otherworldly. I’ve been to the Sequoias… they are amazing. We have some pretty awesome old growth redwoods not far from where I live too. It’s been too long since I’ve been out for a hike under them.

We have a fig tree in our backyard. It’s not as spectacular as the one pictured, but it’s espaliered horizontally along one of our fences, which is pretty cool. The people who owned the house before us planted and trained it. I’ve never seen another espaliered fig and it’s one of the biggest espaliered trees I’ve seen. It produces tons of fruit… if only I liked figs! Luckily we have lots of friends and family who do. I had no idea about the inverted flower thing though, that’s so cool and explains a lot about it‘s trippy appearance.

I’m also partial to big old gnarly oak trees as I was married under one : )

Tasha Jade said...

Trees are fantastic. When I was a kid I wanted to live in a fig tree (because australia has millions of them!) and I guess I still want to.

Oh, and its snowing there?!?!
I have never seen snow! Hense my hate of summer...
I would trade with you anyday.