Friday, April 9, 2010

My Dwelling

Hey everyone, I thought I'd introduce you to my room just for fun because it's my favorite dwelling. It's really such a great part of me which is weird to me. I come from a Cuban family, and so it's weird for me to shut my self in my room; I'm always downstairs with my mom and brother talking and sharing love and music. We have no locks on our room doors, they're literaly thought of as "dormitories" to us since all we do in them is sleep. But I find nowadays I spend more time in it reading or something. I guess I'm isolating myself a little bit up there.

The little hours I spend in my room are long and wonderful. Some days I lie down on my bed and put on some Pink Floyd on my tiny CD player; it's one of the most delightful things listening to Pink Floyd, it's a most trippy, solemn experience in dimness. I look up and my celing is covered with posters of John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles (Abbey Road), and Zeppelin. I also sit on my bed and play my guitar Lily and write or play some songs with her. I sit and write, read, remenisce over past love, happiness, and betrayal, dream, think about fairies, and think of spotanious scenerios. I give merit to my soul there. I aughta say it's a trippy room to my taste, and it sometimes transforms into comforting chaos when clothes are all over the place. Tee hee.

Anyhow..yeah, quite a pointless post, I just thought I'd pay some tribute to my dwelling.
The weekend soon comes! Hope you have a great one.


•Karis Brown• said...

Hey Gunela, Love your room! This was in no way a pointless post! I'm nosy, and I love random pictures of people, or objects, and this one is a first- a bedroom! Very cool! Hope you're having a great day!


Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Awwies, thanks so very much Karis :) You're so ever sweet, I'm glad you liked it :) tee hee

Tasha Jade said...

Such lovely hair you have my dear :)
And what a pretty room!

Missa said...

This reminds me so much of the room my sister and I shared in high school, complete with Led Zeppelin posters, Pink Floyd playing, and closet doors covered in magazine cut-outs! We used to burn lots of incense and had a lava lamp too :D

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :)
Missa now that you mention that lava lamp and incents I believe my room may be incomplete! I think I might need to get me one! :D
Gotta love Floyd

Feels said...

this is such a loverly post ginela!
magical really.
the use of 'dwelling' oh how radiant your vocabulary is!
oh and pink floyd..

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Thanks! Your vocabulary is a thousand times more magical! I enjoy it very much :)
Thanks again!