Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tis a little Tattoo Design!

I decided I would like to share my first exposure of my drawing side. Here's a tattoo design I'm working on, my dear friend Elsie wants to get it. And I've drawn it for her! Tis a mix of some fancy handwriting fonts, and its my first time drawing anything caligraphy-like. So its been fun. Very fun actually! Gonna do this more often!

So here I share with you some of the to rough work of how it came to be:

And there you have it !
Ciao :)


Abby said...

I really like it! You did the calligraphy pretty well, and I love the message. Where is she going to get it on? her back?

marie said...

combatimos la contaminación ambiental y no la de la piel con colorantes inventados,puro demonio químico,hablamos de que queremos un planeta verde y nos estamos envenenando con maripositas y frases rebuscadas,para reafirmar qué?,qué coño es lo que hay que reafirmar,...o será que lo que hay que reafirmar es que somos capaces de agredirnos y autoflagelarnos,....bonita y estupida tendencia,pura de narcotraficantes y demonios enmascarados...sigue con tu berraquera de las maripositas y frases de encourage,que cuando veas a tu amiga con un sida,te vas a sentir cómplice de un asesinato

MMM said...

hey girl!! I like the last one the most... I think it's very clean and simple... great writing style, I can't write that way!!

have a look at our blog if you have time... you might like it!!

hugs from italy..