Friday, September 17, 2010

Peel Your Eyes

Don't escape the dour times,
Honey, let them come
Easy to say, with my fear, with my luck.
Ying-yang to condence me
Rules meant to be smashed
Come condemn me, for knowing too much
Temptation can't exist without obedience,
Just like obedience can't exist without temptation
Honey, test and try
Ignorence can't save you
What is humanity but a regergitation of theories?
There's a higher place purified with only with good
Too wise to show its face
To us lesser minds of pride
With instinct of greed, with instinct to survive.
Eminent savant come teach us these secrets of the mind
Not these limits, not these crimes
I know you won't, you can't,
You weren't taught to ponder
For those who dial the clockwork of this world
Don't want you to wonder.
So darling, don't escape the dour times
You're already here, already in it, already spun.
Yet, you must never seize any hopes,
Nomatter the shock of the tide.
Honey do keep your eyes peeled.
Believe in Utopia, your dreams are alive.

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