Monday, January 3, 2011

A few pictures here and there

These are a few pictures I took from a 35mm Manual SLR camera that I borrowed from my photography class. My first time using colour film in this one. They develop it for free at Walmart and give you a free set and CD! I thought that was pretty wonderful of them. Anyhow, peace and love and a lovely new year to all. Farewell 2010.


1. Tis my my uncle Pepito and my aunt Julia in the blurr.

2. Housie plants.

3. Errect shoe.

4. Back yard make-belief frogs enjoying the rain.

5. Trees and fog.

6. Dear brother mine, behold the Raudel.

7. Exit sign in the dark room.

8. April busy at work.

9. April at the paper-cutter.

10. And April smiled!

Tis all!!
 Peace & love, and magical purple cows, cosmic vibrations, and smiles, loads and loads of them.