Friday, January 13, 2012

A Farewell Note

Hi there, if any of you follow me yet if at all, I owe you a big apology. If you wondered what happened me, I had just wondered off the face of the blogging and blog following world for a little while to chase some other endeavours. I hope none of you ever spent a second wondering where I've gone, I don't even deserve a little bit of thought for being such a lazy poster. I do hope however you have all had joy and new findings  in your life since we last may have talked!

Now I am 18, and in a college named Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production for their Vocal performance program, its absolutely lovely and just where I need to be if I plan on pursuing anything in the music in the music industry. 

Anyhow, it wasn't till lately, that started to miss blogging again. I have now aquired a more stable sense of my own spirit, and have found myself more as an individual. Along with that I have also acquired more vinyl LPs and am trying to invest in a vintage wardrobe, which I've always had the passion for except no time and no money to collect any treasures. But now a new chapter begins.

Thus I have decided to end  Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower, and begin a new blog aimed mostly at vintage fashion and other little random elements.

I apologize again for wandering off without warning or farewell. 
And thank you for following me, thank you kindly. It made me the happiest kid in the world.

Farewell to you all and good luck, love and light!

I don't even deserve the views, but if you would like a looksie at my new blog then you may visit it here:

Sugar Magnolia


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