Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cottage Mushrooms!

This past week I was at a cottage with my fam in a most magical place called Parry Sound. The cottage was facing the lake and tons of greenery and strange vegetation that grows over rocks! I was excited to go the whole time because I went there certain that I would find some fairies among all the nature! Saddly, I didn't encounter any fairies in my steps, or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough, but I was fourtunate enough to run into some mushrooms that made me very satisfyed at their sight. I love happy mushrooms! Here are the ones I was able to take pictures of :)


Missa said...

Them's some cute lil' mushrooms! I love all the vegetation in that second photo... moss and mushrooms and ferns... oh my!

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Oh why thanks! Yeah I enjoyed the vegetation too! Some of it was to die for there, there was all kinds of it there and all the different kinds of vegetation seemed to all get along real well cuz it was all gorgeous