Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland 2010

Last Friday I went to watch Alice in Wonderland at theatre with Javier, who's now my ex. It's sad to let him go but we're still wonderful friends, we love each other's soul very much.

The movie couldn't have been more lovely, but it felt kinda short to me; everything happened so fast and it was quite predictable, but I guess that's what one would expect with a remake of a movie or story.

Despite it, t'was wonderful. There was all this magical greenery and whimsical mushrooms and creatures. Alice got to change between dresses multiple times in her adventure, she has beautiful golden hair. And she's so ever pale!

But the best dressed character to me was the Mad Hatter, I adore his outfit and his unforgettable top hat. I love Johnny Depp when he is the craziest of characters, he's so enjoyable. He made a great Hatter, and he made him seem so vivid.

Oh it was so very well made! And it was incredibly funny! Especially the Queen, she was evil but loose and hilarious. I think she was perfect, with the huge head and tiny crown and all. The cheshire cat was exquisitely creepy and had a majestic set of teeth as well as an attractive accent.

I just wish the film would have been a little longer. I was so lost in that world. I wanted to see more and more of the Mad Hatter, he was so very irresistible. Now I know for sure that I must purchase a pale blue dress and loose my self through the woods behind my back yard. I have this tradition that I must reenact movies I see. How lovely. Please don't miss out on watching this film! Tis so trippy, you'll love it.



Kathrin said...

I also saw Alice in Wonderland some weeks ago and I love it! And it also felt kinda short to me. Johnny Depp is a great Mad Hatter.

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Thanks for the comment! I loved it too, t'was trully enchanting. :)

Kathrin said...

Thank you for YOUR comment :) In my post, where you put your comment I wrote that I want to read the posted books.
I really like your blog and I think the second picture on the left is great, did you paint it yourself?

•Karis Brown• said...

You've now made me want to go see this movie! I love the way you write, and I never get tired of read what you have to say! I'm sorry about you and Javier, but that's good the two of you are still friends. Hope you're having a great Thursday! :)


Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Dearest Kathrin, no the sendond picture on the left isn't by at all, it's by an artist but I forgot the name. I wish I could paint it :P

Karis thanks so much, I'm flattered that you like my way of writing! Thanks so much I appreciate it :)
Yes Javier and I are still friends and all is wonderful.
My thursday was lovely :)