Monday, March 1, 2010

A fairy among us

I've never shared any music with anyone that didn't dig the music I showed them by the end of the day; that is until I discovered Joanna Newsom. I remember playing my brother "Peach Plum Pair" as he made the most distasteful face, like a lime had just been squashed in his face.

There's no doubt I was too alarmed when first hearing Joanna Newsom's voice; it differs from everything else I'd ever heard before. Child-like and chirpy it stings you with a ping while it floats over a glorious tangle of harp sounds. Although it's incredibly hard to note at first, I recognized her rather unrefined voice is indeed wonderful, and I also realized singers spend too much time polishing their voices during a melody, the shiny voices takes away from the meaning of the words. I find Joanna Newsom's melodies aren't overpowered, they're perfect, only just enough sweetness is all that's necessary. And my my... that harp. I cannot explain what it does to me and the states of delight it puts me in, it embroiders intricate pictures of stories in my heart and mind.

Perhaps the reason I'm so enchanted by her is because I hadn't been exposed to folk music before, and of course she opened to me a portal to many more artists.

Nowadays I play some Joanna Newsom when I want to be lifted by magic, and when I'm tired of hearing simple boring overrated sounds.

To top it off she writes the most intricate lyrics! They're whimsical and oh so very intertaing to read, most of it is incomprehensible at first. How I love that. If only artists nowadays would make their music more ornate. I'm in love, been in love with her sound for quite a while now, t'was time I wrote a post about her.

She also wears vintage-y clothes and her very features make her seem like fairy in them; sometimes the way she talks makes her sound like a fairy too because her vocabulary is so very diverse and antique. I think she is outstandingly pretty.

She must be a fairy.

It's a complete enchantment listening to her.
I wish her much peace and happinesswithin her art.


Missa said...

Such a beautifully written and presented post. With her new album out, lots of people have been posting about her lately and this is the best I've read. You really did this amazing lady justice in every way, nice job :)

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

My goodness Missa thanks so much! So many people love her dearly so I never enven thought I would come close to a good post. Such a wonderful comment, thank you.
Joanna makes me happy, trully :)

Tasha Jade said...

I want all of those dresses :O
Must steal them all! *twitchy eyes*

I like your blog :)