Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quilt (a lil poem/song I'm working on)

I came up with this little song poem last night while I was supposed to be studying for my Environmental Science exam. Song ideas always get in the way of what I`m supposed to be doing, but I gladly welcome my ideas and halt everything I`m doing to write them down. Ya never wanna loose a song idea, especially a good one. One must be grateful for them, because the idea could just fly off and migrate to another songwriter`s head if it`s not welcomed to one`s heart and thought. I have no idea where my song thoughts come from, out of the abyss of my mind I guess, and yet when I process them, they make total sense and relevance to my life. But then again, no wonder haha, its my own mind.

 Like this one, after I wrote it down I thought gee, this is just  like my brother`s current situation (He is 19). Couldn't make up his mind about what he wanted to do in university or college, mainly because he just loved to party and spent no time giving his post secondary life any planning. Now he`s lost and doesn`t know what to do, going from job to job, a little frightened about his future. Sometimes my mom and I get madly ticked at him, because he`s not doing anything decent towards his future. But making this song I think I`ll cut him some slack and consider the fact that we can all get strayed in the path towards our future if we have no dream strong enough to devote our will to.

No matter how troublesome and indecisive a person is you can`t loose hope on them, they just need to find their personal calling. Not all will find it right off. And so it is with people like my brother, he has yet to dig up what fills his soul with sunshine the most, and until he does he will search and mess up. He just needs encouragement and love, though we give him lots I think, he just doesn't absorb it very well. Sure do needa work on my hope towards him though. Gonna do that hopefully, through this song.
Here it is:

``Troublesome Bouquet``

Oh that weak-willed darling
Keeps on changing, his mind
But I believe he`s on to something
Don`t you doubt it, he`ll find

The root and centre and the core of it all
What makes his heart, shriek with joy
Until he finds it he`ll stray s`more
Getting there`s the trouble, but don`t lose your hope

Trickle and trickle
Till the bucket is full
Sun shows its face
After the storm

Don`t forget that you`re a part of this Earth
If nature lives on hope, make sure
You don`t forget yours

Moon has its phases
Till it becomes whole
No heart is born
Knowing it all

Dream he`ll find the joy
That glues his life into love

Send good vibes down his road
Don`t block it, with negative outlooks

Dream your boy will complete
Not your dream, but is very own calling
Keep in mind his very heart`s yearning
To settle its restlessness

Tuck your thinking away
Bloom with hope for him


marie said...

Niño Yuntero
Carne de yugo, ha nacido
más humillado que bello,
con el cuello perseguido
por el yugo para el cuello.

Nace, como la herramienta,
a los golpes destinado,
de una tierra descontenta
y un insastisfecho arado.

Entre estiércol puro y vivo
de vacas, trae a la vida
un alma color de olivo
vieja ya y encallecida.

Empieza a sentir, y siente
la vida como una guerra,
y a dar fatigosamente
en los huesos de la tierra.

Contar sus años no sabe,
y ya sabe que el sudor
es una corona grave
de sal para el labrador.

Trabaja, y mientras trabaja
masculinamente serio,
se unge de lluvia y se alhaja
de carne de cementerio.

A fuerza de golpes, fuerte,
y a fuerza de sol, bruñido,
con una ambición de muerte
despedaza un pan reñido.
Cada nuevo día es
más raíz, menos criatura,
que escucha bajo sus pies
la voz de la sepultura.

Y como raíz se hunde
en la tierra lentamente,
para que la tierra inunde
de paz y panes su frente.

Me duele este niño hambriento
como una grandiosa espina,
y su vivir ceniciento
revuelve mi alma de encina.

Le veo arar los rastrojos,
y devorar un mendrugo,
y declarar con los ojos
que por qué es carne de yugo.

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Gracias, escojiste tremendo poema. Todo se explica pero en complejas palabras con metaphoras que te pintan una pintura de lo que se esta sintiendo. Muchas gracias michi, ensename muchas mas asi

Missa said...

Wow, I'm really impressed! The lyrics to your song are lovely and have such a wonderful sense of rhythm and flow to them. I can almost hear them to music :)

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Wow Missa thanks so very very much! I'm flattered really. Tis very encouraging because I aspire to become a songwriter, so thanks very much ♥