Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our first talk was so very messy

Like crumbly apple caramel pie

Quirky as we acted, we were so interested

Mind you, it satisfied

the plunging butterflies

In my belly

Our telephone conversations were dim and awkward,

And coward as ever

Dare I say I still like you c'ause you're clever?

Saddly not at dating

But I appressiate your shy, cute


Look at us holding hands

Your whole arm span is shakig

And mine, stiff as a nest

Dare I say I might have pretended

To enjoy the walk we took through the forest

But, do know

That I do adore

Your feeble, shy strokes on my skin

And I'm aware that you mean to do more

It just needs much more better timing

That's all,

It'll take a marathon of days

Before we both feel at home

But I'm glad we're on an anti-instant

Path of love.


susana said...

A positiva, 100 puntos, cosmic, did you write this poem????!!!!!

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Muchas gracias!! Si el positivismo tiene que aserme bien! I did indeed write this poem! Me alegra mucho tus nuevas iniciativas de la cultara hippie!

Tasha Jade said...

OMG FINALLY! Another quirky like minded blogger. Lets frollic in a feild of daisies together. It will be fantastic. :)

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Hahah wow girly I just smiled so big my face almost disjointed it's joints! I'm glad you dig my quirkyness, as I dig yours. I'm amazed at how funny your sick jokes are, I adore how they're all over your blog it's utterly amazing. Please, let's frolic in a field indeed! Dasies are a very friendly flower, I would love that.