Monday, July 20, 2009

Tripster Hipsters.

Hippies were the hope of the 1960's and were extreme huggers while guns were being fired off in Vietnam. Ever since I started listening to classic rock (especially my love, Jimi Hendrix) and blues and folk music, I've been allowing my self to sink into understanding the culture at the time of freedom and love. Like bohemian gypsies, hippies were fearless in their trippiest minds and did drugs to feel at higher peaks than life (this is not an aspect of them I'll adore, but much open minded music was made thanks to the drugs :D)
They held mental nomadic passports as they traveled aways in their dreamy-painted volkswagon camper vans and shared their music and love everywhere!

To me hippies make me smile, because they do and did what everyone else fears and feared, they defyed the demanding mainstream by keeping together with love as the only glue, isntead of money and power.
I think they also dissed the american dream most excellently! Surely if all the world was hippie then well, the truth is we wouldn't get much done, but we could easily avoid a third world war if love was chosen over power. Either way I think we'd respect nature so much as hippies that the faires would come out and mingle with the de-greed-afied human beings!
Here are some awesome pictures of hippies that slap me with joy and lift me from reality:

Magestic peoples!


Missa said...

Amazing series of pics! Peace to you my dear :)

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Why thank you! I am flattered that you enjoyed my selections, much peace and cheerfulness to you too :D