Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Tempest

I'm reading The Tempest in English class (grade 11). I think it's quite Trippe! I'm frustrated though, it's obvious as to how it will end, but there's always a twist; I've got a friend in class who knows the ending and she won't say a word of it. Geez!

Ah it's a wondrous play. I'm loving it so far! Ferdinand sounds like a babe, there's fairies and nymphs and twisted songs, and Ariel, it's lovely! I can just picture such a whimsical island. Has anyone ever read this play through school or on their own? I just realized someone might not know what it is I'm talking about :P.
My favourite part of reading any Shakespeare is the names he picks for his characters. I'm very amused by Trinculo (the drunken fool) and Gonzalo. But I know of other plays like Hamlet where Shakespeare picks names like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Polonius. Ha ha it's great. I've always wanted to name one of my kids Polonius when I grow up, but I figure that would burden the one baring the name alot, so I'll settle for something else; when I get my first electric guitar I'll name it Polonius.
The English in Shakespeare's plays is infinite in wonder; man I can't think of so many ways to make a simple sentence sound so trippy. I'm enjoying it all so much. The pain will come in English class though when it's time to write essays. I'm quite sure I won't love the Tempest so much then. But it's all going to be okay, not easy as a breeze but adventurous like one, and so it shall all be allright :P

Anyhow... to anyone reading, I bid you much peace and love and laughter.
That and a lovely week!

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