Friday, October 2, 2009

Napoleon Dynamite

I'm one of those people who has seen a ton of weird movies hardly anyone knows, but I'm usually the last to see movies that everyone's seen. So this week, I got down to watch a film very memorable to most people - Napoleon Dynamite. I remember seeing a girl with a "Vote for Pedro" shirt one time in elementary school and I always wondered what the meaning behind it was, haha. After having seen the movie I pondered and pondered why I'd never picked it up before, it's just about the most magestic thing. The movie has some pretty fantastic filmography and it takes off in a slow kind of pace relative to life. It also manages to make weird hillarius, using no nudity or swearing (which is usually hard to do), and it's just wonderful for it. Napoleon had my heart right from the start of the movie to the end, how lovely is he for joining the 'happy hands club'! The uncanny characters are just perfect and the spontanius concepts like the grandma's lama and the ligers couldn't be anymore epic. I am most definately determined to find a liger now! I feel so stupid for not having seen this movie earlier; if you're not aware of memorable films like me and you've never seen this movie, then you've got to do yourself the honors of seeing it sometime, but I doubt there's anyone who hasn't.


Missa said...

Hey, better late than never, right?

It really is such a gem of a film. My sister and I were quoting it just the other day. I needed some chapstick...

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Yes indeed! I'm so glad to have seen it.
Looks like I'll be quoting it along as well for long!
hahah, I need some chapstick! :P HAhah can't use the school nurse's, that's gross.