Thursday, October 22, 2009

Visisting Stratford Ontario

Yesterday I went on a field trip with my Music Theatre class to Stratford Ontario to watch the musical West Side Story! Stratford is a town here in Canada named just like the England one where Shakespeare lived. The town was very pretty- especially with the fall season splurging it's colors everywhere, though, it was quite isolated; I saw no Walmarts or large shopping centres, but that was kinda nice because it seemed like the whole place was a very vintage town. And coincidentally enough there were lovely vintage houses all over the place just like my last post! I got a large dosage of beautiful house gazing, my buddies were quite annoyed with me for taking pictures at almost every home we passed. I was doing too much stopping and gasping, thus delaying my group. Eventually they got fed up with my extreme jolliness towards homes and left me to walk ahead towards the theatre, I caught up with them later. I had my self a wonderful time the whole day, and the musical couldn't have been better. Sad to say, I wasn't able to capture any pictures of the attractive cast in the show since cameras weren't allowed. It would have been awfully great to get some warm shots of the lovers in the production Tony and Maria (a.k.a Romeo and Juliet) during one of their passionate kisses since their chemistry together was perfectly sweetened. But fortunately, not all beauty can be captured in cameras, but in vibrant memory.
Here are some pictures:

Ya know I really like Shakespeare's eyes if they really were like that, quite groovy and round, a good looking man I think.

The theatre was quite interesting on the outside! Many seniors attended the show; West Side Story must be a favourite among them.

My friend was able to capture my whimsical red earing, I'm glad she did because I don't wear that pair too often.

Much of the down-town area looked like this, the day was quite gray but the buildings made ya feel warm and invited.

Seeing no grotesque tall buildings was quite nice, all the buildings were aged and looked all cozy.

I kept on walking by buildings with side walls like these alot, there was tons glorious native art like this on many walls. This one ravished my sight for a good chunk of seconds before my friends had to hasten me to get a move on along the town.

We also spend a good chunk of time in this melancholic alley making use of it's space with some pictures.

We thought a picture of our backs would be quite epic, walking off into the valley of wonders, and so I held my friends' waists and we walked off. Though we never got to reaching the depth of the alley haha.

And then later we just wanted to feel bad-ass, besides, we had an alley all to ourselves! And thus we posed Charlie's Angels-style.

I hid behind a fanciful messy plant for fun.

My face had some really volcanic pimples the whole while.

And now for some homes!

I bet these homes all have incredible attics!

And I leave you with my favourite house in the whole town of all the ones that I saw.
Just like there are lovely tree huggers there are lovely leaves that hug houses. I bet this house feels very joyfully embraced and loved. I thank God for making such enjoyable beauty, he must of been having a ball creating it all.

I had such a good time yesterday, It's gonna make the rest of my month.

Cheers! Hope your fall is lovely!

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